A painting, a whisper, the essence of time.

No sketch, not draft, only feelings caught in the moment and gently brushed by strokes on the canvas. Shades of many colours carried by waves coming from far away and yet so near, sounding since the night of times, inscribed within our deepest self, erupting from our silence and telling our life.
Life, time, the deep memories of nature, the shivering of the instant ; the birth of matter from energy, jolts of creative explosions over there, over here, the universe … life.
A nebula, earth, water, light, the first second, life ! Our history my painting, life, God bless.

Born in 1947
.1969: Graduated from the French Art School “les Beaux Arts”
.1970: Professor of art and history of art.
.1980: Participated in many group and private exhibitions in France and abroad.
.1990: Opened her own art gallery in Saint Paul de Vence where she currently works.
.1999: Referenced in most prestigious international auction sale catalogues, namely:
Mayer - Akoum - Wilder
Featured in private collections worlwide.


Joëlle LALAGÜE "Atelier point de vue" 83, ter rue Grande 06570 Saint Paul de Vence - France Tel/Fax : +33 (0)4 93 32 17 30

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